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Schloss Schönau



Heiraten und Feiern auf Schloss Schönau –
Ihre private Schlossliegenschaft für exklusive Veranstaltungen, fantastische Erlebnisse und außergewöhnliche Erinnerungen
Eingebettet in einen der schönsten englischen Landschaftsparks Österreichs lädt Sie das versteckt liegende Schloss Schönau ein, Ihre Feier in einem einzigartigen privaten Rahmen nur mit geladenen Gästen zu zelebrieren.
Wenn Sie das Besondere schätzen, haben Sie mit Schloss Schönau den idealen Ort für Ihre Veranstaltung gefunden!


Ab 38€


Bis zu 250 Gäste



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6 Fotos · 1/3/2021
Main image for gallery Impressionen
6 Fotos · 1/3/2021


  • für 6 Stunden
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  • Dies ist der Mindestumsatz bei unserer Location den wir unabhängig von der Gästeanzahl verlangen.

4 Reviews

Andy Ferrari
Quelle: Google
Quelle: Google
Silke Pinter-Hausberger
Just like in paradise: we were lucky enough to be able to spend a full week of vacation with the Kremsner family and it was unique: So far, we have seldom been so rested and relaxed on vacation - so in the middle of the countryside, surrounded by the wonderful park in the great Fasanwiese holiday apartment with the breakfast basket that is lovingly served every day. We will be back definitely!
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Marion Pail
Schönau Castle, is an absolutely magical and idyllic location and impresses with its dreamy garden and a small castle with a bit of Tuscan flair. We fell in love with this location in April 2019, while the renovation work was still going on, as there is simply nothing like it in our area. However, there were a few “stumbling blocks” in the planning and organization that resulted in sleepless nights. During the planning phase we felt a bit “passed around” as we were “looked after” by three different people. So some things had to be discussed or renegotiated several times, although we had already been assured. I would like to go into more detail about the things that annoyed us as the bridal couple: The terms and conditions had not yet been finalized at the time of the appointment reservation (September 2019), but we were assured of all our wishes verbally and in writing by email - unfortunately, it looked a little different 6 months before the wedding. Suddenly there was talk of a curfew - which would have been an absolute exclusion criterion for us. However, we were subsequently offered to rent the location exclusively in order to be able to celebrate indefinitely (that was out of the question for us, as we live almost around the corner and we had no need for rooms). In order to still be able to celebrate without restrictions, we then booked the Room WITHOUT use at a reduced price. Another point that bothered us a lot is the down payments to external service providers. Service provider recommendations are great, but it is not okay to impose these on the customer through down payments. Schloss Schönau works with its own service providers in order to receive commission here. However, our service providers were ready BEFORE the location search, and we were asked to pay for it. For our externally booked florist (friend of the family) we had to pay 2.- per guest as a down payment. We still wonder what the number of guests has to do with the flower decoration. After some discussions, at least the down payment to the photographer and DJ was waived. I have been working in the wedding industry for 10 years and am of the opinion that in the end it is always about making the customer happy. Especially with a location like Schloss Schönau, which is about to position itself on the wedding market, customer satisfaction, positive recommendations and flexibility should come first. Another point that we noticed very negatively in the final bill is that despite the already quite high cleaning flat-rate of 420 euros (which covers the cleaning of the furniture and the rooms), there are also about 7 stains (obviously caused by drinks on the Concrete or tiled floor - so easy to remove with a damp cloth) extra 120.- special cleaning were billed. In conclusion, we would like to say positively that the service and support immediately before the wedding went much better and more satisfactorily and that all in all we had a wonderful day with a grandiose celebration. The service providers were coordinated with each other and really professional, and the setup the day before and the delivery of the cake was made possible for us in a nice way. This is mainly thanks to Ms. Daniela, who took everything in hand after our original supervisor was canceled (a week before the wedding) and looked after us perfectly that day. We thank you for this great celebration and wish you all the best for the coming wedding season.
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